Adopt Our School

Thank you so much for considering a sponsorship for our Unity Bridge school, teachers, and students. There are several ways that you can assist in supporting the work of the of the Unity Bridge School as they receive an education, which will help them to break the cycle of hunger and poverty for their families. We have some options listed below and are happy to partner with you to develop something specific for you or your faith, civic, or corporate group. If you would like more information on any of the options below or to design a specialized giving option please email us at

Adopt-Our-School Options

  • Adopt Our School ($1500/year)
    Lighthouse LANDS Unity Bridge School provides full-time schooling for children. The children attending this school pay little or no fees and come from low socio-economic backgrounds. The goal of the Adopt Our School program is to increase the student enrollment & retention rate, incorporate good teaching and learning techniques within the school, and ensure the children receive an effective education. It takes a minimum of $1500 a year ($125 a month) to join the Adopt Our School program. Click here to join the Adopt Our School Program.


  • Sponsor a Teacher ($250/month)
    Our teachers at the Lighthouse LANDS Unity Bridge School are dedicated and passionate educators working in the toughest conditions every day to give their students hope. Sponsor-a-Teacher donors provide a teacher’s salary and supplies needed per each month to be an effective educator. One donor can sponsor any number of teachers using the donations page. Donations can be paid monthly, quarterly ($750), half year ($1,500) or annually ($3,000).


  • Book Scholarship
    In Haiti, students are required to purchase their own textbooks at school each year. Student Book Fund donors help provide books for students to learn and study during the school year. Click here to make donation to the student book fund for the Lighthouse LANDS Unity Bridge School.


  • Week Long Community Workshop (Art, Sports, Sewing or Woodworking)
    Week long workshops at the school provide the opportunity for Unity Bridge students and children of the Mackendale community to receive exposure to practical skills, creative training, and sportsmanship education. Workshops are implemented in the name of donor. Week Long Community Art Workshops are $2500, Week Long Community Sport Workshops are $3600, Week Long Community Sewing Workshops are $1800, and Week Long Woodworking Workshops are $4200. Click here to sponsor a workshop for the Lighthouse LANDS Unity Bridge School.


  • Unity Bridge General Fund
    You can also make a general donation to the Unity Bridge School, which will be used as needed for students and the Unity Bridge School. Click here to make a general donation for the Lighthouse LANDS Unity Bridge School.

Also visit our Sponsor-a-Child page to learn more specific ways you can help individual students in their educational journey.