agriThe Lighthouse LANDS Agricultural Apprenticeship Program works to overcome hunger and poverty in the rural countryside of Haiti by teaching sustainable gardening techniques to women over a two year period.

During the first year of the program, Lighthouse LANDS female farming apprentice receive over 300 hours of agricultural education provided by volunteer American agricultural specialist and Haitian farmers. Within the second year of the agriculture program, apprentices continue to focus on farming practices while receiving additional business and general education training. Second year students are also empowered to teach incoming first year students through the Lighthouse LANDS Haitians to Care for Haitians (H2CH) Mentorship Program. Once the female apprentice graduates from the Lighthouse LANDS Agricultural Apprenticeship Program, they are fully educated in growing their own food to alleviate hunger within their community and fully empowered to teach their neighbors what they have learned.

Female farming apprentice also commit to participating in the Community of Light Program where 10% of their crop yields are given to the orphans, elderly, and disabled in their community. The remaining crop yields are sold and / or used by the farming apprentice to feed their families.

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