Gabrielle P.

Georges Gabrielle Paul was born in the town of Jeremie, Haiti. In 2000, she went to Port-au-Prince to work for the Panos Institute in a program fighting against discrimination and stigma. She conducted interviews with people living with HIV/AIDS, provided counseling and participated in writing publicity messages. A year later, she worked for the Association of Haitian Journalists as Assistant to the Secretary General. She was responsible for logistics, managed freedom of press issues and acted as liaison with Reporter Without Borders.

In 2003, she returned to Jeremie and attended law school at the Ecole Catholique de Droit de Jeremie, where she graduated in 2007. She is a founding member of the Research Analysis and Legal Assistance Group (Groupe de Recherche, d’Analyse et d’Assistance Legale GRAAL) who works in partnership with University of California Hastings School of Law, Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, Seton Hall and Florida International University to implement the first Criminal Justice Law Clinic in Haiti at the Jeremie Law School.

Since 2010, she volunteers as the Research Analyst for GRAAL, acts as liaison with the Police’s juvenile protection/rape prevention unit, supports law students in finding information for their thesis and teaches in community leaders, youth and training on democracy, rights and civil responsibilities. Since 2005, Gabrielle has worked full time for MINUSTAH (United Nations Mission for the Stability of Haiti) in the Human Rights Department with focus on monitoring and reporting of Civil and Political Rights violations along with empowering the communities with economical, social and cultural rights for the Civil Society. Gabrielle is heavily involved in every facet of her community in Jeremie and the greater state/department of Grand’Anse; thus Gabrielle is thrilled to be the Field Director of Lighthouse LANDS in Haiti.