Gardening Ambassador Program

gardeningShare Lighthouse LANDS Message of HopeThe Lighthouse LANDS Garden Ambassador give their time and talents to share the mission and visit of Lighthouse LANDS with those seeking to learn more about the organization. Garden Ambassador’s are critical in assisting Lighthouse LANDS with raising funds to finding ways to support the farmers.

The Lighthouse LANDS Ambassadors convey our mission by using visual aids, DVDs or Power Point presentations. They give presentations or set up displays for churches, clubs, organizations or small informal settings. They do not do this alone; they are assisted by Lighthouse LANDS staff members, who help them prepare for any depth of coverage that is needed. The Ambassador’s are comprised of individuals who have visited and volunteered with Lighthouse LANDS in Haiti, so they bring personal experience to every presentation.

To find out how you can become a Lighthouse LANDS Ambassador or to have a Garden Ambassador present for your group, contact: Regine at