Kids Farm Program

agriIn response to the success of the Lighthouse LANDS female farming apprentice program and a voiced request from the community itself; the Lighthouse LANDS Kids Farm Program teaches sustainable gardening techniques to impoverished children in the rural countryside of Haiti, to overcome hunger and poverty. The Kids Farm Program serves children from Lighthouse LANDS. The Kids Farm Program act as an after school program and provides transportation from the school to the farmland. There, the children participate in an opening prayer, song and Bible Story followed by farm instruction.

During the time of farm instruction, the children learn about sustainable agriculture through hands-on instruction with a Haitian Master Farmer. Lessons include land preparation, growing seasons, planting, maintenance, and harvesting. The Kids Farm Participants are separated into groups, and each group travels to the farm once a week to tend their plants and partake in the hands-on lessons. Snacks are also provided to students before the lessons since many students do not currently have adequate access to nutritious food.

Similarly to the female farming apprentice program sponsored by Lighthouse LANDS, the Kids Farm Program participants agree to give 10% of their yields to the orphan, elderly and disabled in their community. The remaining crops harvested are purchased at a very low cost by the Unity Bridge School to provide all students at the school with an invaluable daily meal. This meal represents the only meal most students will receive for the day and a vital source of vitamins and nutrition their little bodies desperately need for growth. The funds received from the purchase of the crops are then reapplied into the Kids Farm Program.

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