Lighthouse LANDS Hurricane Relief Plan for Haiti

Over 1000 people have died since the category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew, made landfall in the southwestern region of Haiti. 90% of homes and building structures have sustained damage in Jeremie, the home base for Lighthouse LANDS. In addition, cases of cholera are quickly raising. We are excited to announce that our current school in Jeremie has survived Hurricane Matthew in nothing short of a miracle. The school has now become a temporary shelter for families in the community whose homes were destroyed in the hurricane. We ask you to join us in helping those on the ground who are still alive. Here are the ways you can partner with the Lighthouse LANDS hurricane relief plan for Jeremie.

#1. Immediate Responselhlneed1

  • First responders are the US Navy, UN, and Haitian police who have helicopters because mudslides and down trees have cut off the southwestern region from most of the country. They are primarily airlifting critical medical cases to Port-au-Prince and supplying immediate needs to this southwestern region.
  • The priority right now for organizations like Lighthouse LANDS is to make up for the gaps of first responders within the community. We have partnered with the Haitian Health Foundation in Jeremie to supply medical aid to our program families. We need your help with the following priorities:

Lighthouse LANDS Immediate Priorities

  1. Water
  2. Medical help
  3. Food
  4. Construction

Partner with Lighthouse LANDS for immediate relief efforts:  Donate to Lighthouse LANDS General Fund to purchase water and food in Port-au-Prince to fly to the people of Jeremie.


#2. Ongoing Relief Efforts

  • Search and account for the Lighthouse LANDS missing staff and program members – school children and female farmers and sewing apprentice
  • Conduct a full needs assessment of school and farm to include any structural damage to school building and farming construction
  • Identify shelter for families currently living in our school so that the school building can reopen for classes

Partner with Lighthouse LANDS ongoing relief efforts: Donate to providing temporary shelter for families that have lost their homes or helping with minor repairs needed to their homes. Help collect items provided in needs assessment communication reports.




#3 Long-Term Solution

  • Lighthouse LANDS restore farming program to provide fresh local food to families in the area
  • Reopen Unity Bridge School to continue providing traditional education or families
  • Lighthouse LANDS has identified Haitian nonprofit group Maxima to provide a long-term solution for housing in Jeremie. The Maxima housing kit is 250 ft2 and costs $2,775 with aluzinc roofing sheets. All hardware, anchors, hurricane straps and ties are included in the kit. The Maxima house is made of treated 2×4’s and covered with 1/2″ CDX plywood. With the aluzinc, this home is certified to withstand 119mph hurricane winds.

Partner with Lighthouse LANDS long-term solution: Sponsor a home by donating or raising $2,775 for a Maxima housing kit. We will also need construction teams. If you or your church/civic organization would like to help in the upcoming months, please email us at for further information.

Our motto at Lighthouse LANDS is: where there is life, there is hope. Join us in the rebuilding efforts by extending hope to others through your giving by visiting us at You can mail donations to Lighthouse LANDS, 4 Dale Place, Neptune, NJ 07753 Attn: Hurricane Relief.

We will also need construction teams. If you or your church/civic organization would like to help in the upcoming months, please email us at for further information.