Program Details

Farming Apprentice Hard at Work

The Lighthouse LANDS Agricultural Apprenticeship Program works to overcome hunger and poverty in the rural countryside of Haiti by teaching sustainable gardening techniques to women over a two year period.

During the first year of the program, Lighthouse LANDS female farming apprentice receive over 300 hours of agricultural education provided by volunteer American agricultural specialist and Haitian farmers. Within the second year of the agriculture program, apprentices continue to focus on farming practices while receiving additional business and general education training. Second year students are also empowered to teach incoming first year students through the Lighthouse LANDS Haitians to Care for Haitians (H2CH) Mentorship Program. Once the female apprentice graduates from the Lighthouse LANDS Agricultural Apprenticeship Program, they are fully educated in growing their own food to alleviate hunger within their community and fully empowered to teach their neighbors what they have learned.

Female farming apprentice also commit to participating in the Community of Light Program where 10% of their crop yields are given to the orphans, elderly, and disabled in their community. The remaining crop yields are sold and/or used by the farming apprentice to feed their families.

To learn more about our program click on the video link to see our demonstration farm.

Apprenticeship Program Application Details and Activity

Experienced and non-experienced female farmers throughout Jeremie, Haiti, who desire to learn gardening techniques and organic farming methods to increase their yields, may apply for a two year apprenticeship with the Lighthouse LANDS Project. After the application deadline, the Steering Team made up of community and farming leaders in Jeremie and our Lighthouse LANDS Haitian Field Director will review applications, select applications for interview, and select finalist. Each year, up to 12 women will be invited to join the Lighthouse LANDS Agricultural Apprenticeship Program for two years.

In order to be accepted, the applicant must be willing to commit to the two years of education and training on the Lighthouse LANDS demonstration farm, participate in the H2CH Mentorship Program as well as the Community of Light program.

The apprenticeship application requires answering identifying questions such as name and address, answering questions regarding experience and future intentions after program, in addition to listing information for individual references from the applicant’s community; who the Steering Team can contact to recommend and support applicant throughout the two year apprenticeship period. The application will be reviewed by the Steering Team, who will select applicants for an onsite interview and farm tour. When all applicants are interviewed the Steering Committee will meet and select the new apprenticeship participants for the next program year.

Prior farming or gardening experience is a plus, but is not required to enter into the program. New participants to the program will begin at the new planting season at the beginning of the next year in which applied. Participants selected for the apprentice program will work on the Lighthouse LANDS demonstration farm for the next eight planting seasons while on program.eight planting seasons while on program.

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