Vildeus “Jules” Jean-Baptiste Service Award & Scholarship

Lighthouse LANDS, a non-profit organization, is pleased to inform you of the 2016 Vildeus “Jules” Jean-Baptiste Service Award & Scholarship. In continuing with our philosophy to educate and empower the underserved, Lighthouse LANDS gives this award to those students with financial need seeking enrollment in a two or four-year educational institution. The scholarship is due April 3, 2017.

The core mission of the Lighthouse LANDS Project is to overcome hunger and poverty through education and empowerment of women and children. Lighthouse LANDS provide support in the rural countryside of Haiti and in the US. In the US, the Lighthouse LANDS mission is lived through the Vildeus “Jules” Jean-Baptiste Service Award & Scholarship given to children graduating from a High School and matriculating into an institution of higher education. In Haiti, Lighthouse LANDS provide agricultural, traditional, and skills-based education to women and children.

You can download our 2017 Service Award & Scholarship application using this link. If you would like a copy of the scholarship emailed to you, please contact us at

If you are an administrator or teachers who work with qualifying candidates or know of anyone who would benefit from our scholarship program, please have them contact us via email, via phone at 732-509-7029 or download and complete the scholarship packet above.